Cleaning the Bath Tub Blues are GONE.

Hello fellow frugal friends,


Boy have I got a great thing for you!  What could be better than my Sears deal you ask?  Well, only the world’s best bathtub cleaner, which you can make with items you may already have on hand!

You only need three things:

1.  A spray bottle:  I got mine at the Dollar Tree and it does the trick just fine

2. Dawn BLUE dish soap.

3.  White vinegar: I buy the extra big bottles at WinCo for cheap.  (If you find it cheaper somewhere else, let me know.  I USE SO MUCH VINEGAR)


Mix equal parts soap and vinegar, shake, and spray.   Let it sit for about an hour and come back for a wipe down.  You shouldn’t even need to scrub!  Our bathtub has the bumps on the floor to prevent slipping so I have to scrub a little to get out cooties from the nooks, but it works great with our tile walls getting gunk out.  This will make your tub look BRAND spanking new, and it requires little effort on your part.  I  got this recipe off Pinterest maybe a year ago and have been using it since (I’m sorry, I can’t remember who I acquired it from!).  The one downside…man does it smell like vinegar. While it sits for the hour I like to keep the fan going, and if I had a window I would open that as well, but the smell is growing on me and I keep finding new ways to use homemade vinegar products  instead of cleaners from the store.

I’m not sure why you need BLUE Dawn, but I do remember it specifically telling me to use that one only.  Hey, if it can oil off of a penguin, I’ll listen.  Moral of this post, quit using chemicals in your bathroom.  All you need are these three things to get a great cleaner.


Heading to the store later.. Hoping for some good grocery store deals… Pray to the shopping queens for me, okay?





  1. You must have read my mind. I was torn between cleaners at the store yesterday so I didn’t purchase one. Now I’ll just do this! I LOVE vinegar. We used it to sanitize all sorts of equipment at work for my little patients!

    1. Breanne, if you have “extra” time in your life.. Try waiting an extra week to clean your bathtub so it gets a little extra dirty, then only spray one side.. let it sit the hour & check out the difference! I did this the first time I tried it, I could not believe the difference! I use vinegar to clean my hair too these days! Keep a look out for a post about it!

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