No Foolin’… Tomorrow’s the day…..

Sorry it’s been a few days.. I was away on a girls weekend adventure.  I only managed to find one good deal in Westport (if you don’t count the bar we went to that was dirt cheap!).  Sunglasses at one of the local shops for $5 a pair.  Definitely not a reason to drive down there, but $5 sunglasses…Now that’s a good deal!

Lucky for you guys, sunglasses aren’t what this post is about!  Tomorrow, on 04/01 the Lacey Sears is having a HUGE markdown on tons of their clothes clearance!!   As far as I can tell all clothes…baby, kids, men, woman’s are going to be marked down to $3.99 a piece.  I haven’t been in scope it out, but my source (thanks mom!) says there are plenty of baby-kids winter coats.  As non-frugal as this sounds people, BUY THESE ITEMS IN ADVANCE.  NOW!  Next year, your child will need a winter jacket.  You can buy it tomorrow for $4 or wait until next September and pay anywhere from $25 or more for a decent coat.  There were men’s sweatshirts normally $50 that will also be marked down to $3.99!  I’m hoping to score a few of those for my husband and maybe find a couple of new sweatshirts for myself if they have any in the ladies dept.

This is an unadvertised deal, so don’t expect to be trampled if you head in, but do know that the sooner you get there the better!  I plan on showing up at 4 pm after class to see what I can get my hands on for kids in need for the next winter!  This is something I do annually, and if you are looking to help a child in need with warm winter clothes, now is the time to buy!  I have the ability to help 10 kids instead of 2 when I buy in bulk at this price!  Local charities are always accepting and what better way to give, than to a child who can’t control their surroundings (okay, preaching about helping kids is done now..but seriously…$4….how could you not if you have the extra money?)


Anyways, if you get there before I do, let me know what else you find at that price!  I’m not sure if they will have more than clothes, but for a lot of the items I know will be on this sale, they would get qualified as my “deal of the day”… even if I have to wait until tomorrow to get it!   

Happy shopping,



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