Instead of buying…. make your own dried apple chips!



One of the world’s easiest things…dehydrated apples!  I have always purchased dried fruits for Kevin to munch on… They never seemed very expensive, and what bad things could be in dried fruits from the store?  Well, here’s the thing.  I still don’t know what “bad” things they put in the store dried fruit, but making my own only had one ingredient… APPLES.  I was lucky enough to obtain a dehydrator for FREE so starting costs included only the five apples I bought at $1.28/lb.  


The upside?  Husband says they are great, but the downside is that I may have dehydrated them a little longer than need be making some of the thinner ones crisper than others.  I have a fruit slicer, but was only going to do two apples to try it out.  I ended up getting slice happy and did all five, so it would have been quicker to do with my slicer.  


Next thing I am going to try, is mango and pineapple!  Anyone want to try some?





  1. My grandpa puts a small amount of jello powder to add some color for the kids and sugar on his apple slices to make them sweeter. It was always a favorite when we got them! He also had an orchard in his back yard so the apples were free and a little more tart than say red delicious would be!

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