Deal of the day… Rite Aid all the way…


Today, unexpectedly, I was called upon to take my sweet little nephew to his gymnastics class.  In order to do that I had to pick up my sisters car since it had the car seats.  I had extra time before meeting her so I made my semi-routinely round into Rite Aid.  I usually walk through the aisles to see what they have going on and what kind of deals they are throwing out there.


Here’s what I found at the West Olympia Rite Aid today:


All the gardening tools were 50% off.  Now, this isn’t as good a deal as the Dollar Tree, but the variety is much greater here and the quality is probably better.  




Next, they had some winter clearance going on!  For many, they buy when they need.  People always ask how I get such a good deal on things…Well folks, this is how.  I buy when things go on sale, and not when I am in need for them.  We have some storage space, so it’s okay for us to buy and stock for things we know we will need in the future, during the next season.  What you see here are some winter items at 75%.  You can get hand warmers for less than .50 a piece!!!  To me, that means, warmth at a fraction of the cost!





Last, but not least, I have mentioned this before and the deal still stands apparently!   Rite Aid has shoes at 75% off!!!!  You can get some as low as $3.24.   I purchased a three pairs about four weeks ago, and can’t wait to wear them (I’ve only had the chance to wear one pair so far)!  




Moral of the story.. Go check out Rite Aid.  Get a good deal.  Tell me about it!

Happy Shopping Friends:)



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