Who Buys Laundry Soap When It’s so Easy to Make???

One of many musts in a household.  Stains, kids, pets, daily chores.  We all need clean clothes.  Why wash your clothes with store bought detergent when you can make it for a fraction of the cost?

The first time I made my own laundry soap, I was such a skeptic.  On top of that, my husband was even worse.  He has no doubts it would be any good, let alone stand up to his (and my) standards of cleanliness.  Boy!, we were wrong.  Now, why make your own soap?  Well, for starters, the first time I made it, including the cost of all ingredients and a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, it cost about $15.  This was to make 160 loads (for a top loader).  In the year-ish we have been using our homemade soap, I have only had to purchase the bar of soap at .99/bar.

I prefer liquid soap.  I purchased all my ingredients from WinCo, but have heard you may save a buck or so if you bought it at Wal-Mart.

What you’ll need:

1- Five gallon bucket with lid

1-Box of Borax

1-Box of Arm and Hammer Super Wash

1-Bar of Fels Naptha soap (5.5 oz)

1-grater  (This one I purchased at Dollar Tree..no explanation needed I am sure)

-Essential oils if you want your soap to be scented.

Now, to get to the good stuff… How to actually MAKE the soap.

1.  Grate soap using grater into cheese like substance.

2.  Add soap into a pot with about 5 cups of water in it.

3.  Stir until soap is completely dissolved.

4.  Add hot water to 5-gal bucket until about half way full.

5.  Add soap solution, 1 cup Borax, & 1 cup Arm and Hammer Super Wash  (and essential oils if desired)

6.  Stir.

7.  Fill bucket up with hot water.  ( I leave about 2-3 inches for stirring).

8.  Stir.  You will need a spoon or something that is taller than the bucket to stir.

9.  Let sit 24 hours.  In this time, the soap may have congealed slightly.  This is okay.  Stir until you get a liquid substance,

I found it was easiest to pour the solution once warm into smaller containers so that 24 hours later, when it has congealed, it is easier to shake into liquid form.  Plus, it has now become easier to pour.  Use 1/2 cup for top loaders.  I have a top loader, non-HE washer, but have read, this soap is friendly for HE washers, top and front loaders.  For front loaders, I believe you only use 1/4 cup soap per load.  This will double your amount of loads, costing you even LESS than if you have a top loader.

I have had to make two more batches of soap since we started making our own and it has cost $1.08 each time, which is the cost of the new bar of soap, since I have not had to re-purchase the Arm & Hammer or Borax yet.

Well…What are you waiting for?


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