I finally had some time….

Hello friends 🙂 


You’ve been asking for a while about me getting a blog, probably so I can quit blowing your Facebook feed up with all my deals… So, here it is!  As I am new to blogging, please cut me some slack if I don’t blog as a normal blogger would.  My main goals are to tell you about good deals to be found, ways to save money, and how to transform your “I must buy everything” attitude, to how you can make these things yourselves!!  I will post a few things I have been doing for a while (such as homemade laundry soap and homemade bathtub cleaner) and keep it going from there.  If you have good deals you want me to share, just let me know.  I try to keep a rounded daily deal going but school will be starting back up in a week and my time will be limited.  

Tell all your friends to follow me, because you know you want everyone to get the same awesome deals you get, after I get them of course!


Thanks friend,






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